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Nov 14, 2012 1:30pm PST
? >> and a lot of manufacturers are real -- are already making those toilets. right here, we have a dual-flush toilet. this toilet uses 1.6 gallons on the full flush and 0.9 on the half less. >> what happened? >> it automatically opens. this is a fancy toilet. we can get to that later. >> this is the half loss, which is how many? >> 0.9. so it is very good toilet, water-saving. and then the other kind of toilet that saves water is and 1.28 gallons a flush. >> i know when people first started selling and installing the 1.6, there were problems with it was not clear in the bowl and all of that. have those generally been resolved? >> yes, they have come out with a lot of new technologies, and the flushing systems are a lot more powerful. this toilet in particular has the new double cyclone feature, which shoots out of the rim and the bowl. let's look at it. shoots out here and here, so it cleans the ball really well as it flushes. >> there are lots and lots of brands. this is just one brand. these are manufactured in japan? >> these are manufactured all over the world. they have two factories in
Nov 20, 2012 1:30pm PST
this stuff. i understand exactly who you people are. you guys have flushed anything that any driver has tried to work with you down the toilet; you vote for all of your self-serving stuff you have no interest in providing quality service to the people of san francisco. your only interest is raising money for yourself. you have proven there is no working with you. the only thing we have left is to organize against you. that is why am organizing a ballot initiative, charter amendment the does two things: one, it takes all medallions leased to cab companies, and reverse them immediately to the list to be given out as earned medallions. secondly, it takes you guys out of the san francisco taxi cab business; we need a new san francisco taxicab commission totally outside of this body. (applause) >> -- driving 20 years, position 200. i started driving 20 years ago as a cab driver; probably limit you guys remember. i started in the sunshine cab company. for the beginning, almost [indiscernible] ; last 20 years i paid 1.25 millon to the cab companies. i'm poor. now you have come with t
Nov 14, 2012 6:00pm EST
. and the strong flush, a nice daniels. we have told you before about chuck beganno. than 25 colt players shaved heads in solidarity. head cheerleader will let shaver had if they raise $10,000 by november 25. she agreed to the deal and signed the contract. if it is raised the mascot will the home game at against the buffalo bills. at 7:00 p.m. >> nice to see the basketball's g through the hoops. > a t 11, we go behind-the- talk to the men of nashville. the show that is striking a chord with viewers. from the show's success to whether one of them has any real political aspirations, the "nashville."on >> an update on the weather. clear and cold and will get colder. andill drop to about 33 colder in outlying areas. some high clouds and sunshine. will stay on the cool side to next seven days. chance of rain on sunday. more of those possibilities at 11. >> goodbye. >>
Nov 12, 2012 6:30am PST
irrigation and indoor toilet flushing. the pumps can only handle so much water, which is generally when it's not rain, the dry-weather runoff, so if you get a storm of a decent size, the pumps will shut down automatically and the water will just continue to flow out into the ocean and it carries a lot of bacteria and people can get sick when they're swimming in the water near a flowing storm drain. everyone knows you don't go in the water for 72 hours after it rains. you just don't. this is the dirtiest beach in southern california. doheny beach. i've surfed this twice -- i've gotten sick both times. narrator: san juan creek, a concrete flood control channel, flows directly to doheny beach. moriarty: the concrete you can almost think of as a big water slide for pollutants to go to sea level. man: if it rains more than 2/10 of an inch, the county puts out a health advisory for all beaches in the county. that totaled 75 days in 2006. so it's sort of a frightening thing that it's so polluted that every time it rains, we have to stay out of the ocean for three days. moriarty: to be sick after
Nov 8, 2012 5:00pm EST
was it, 3250 a share? so what do you have to say to them and at this point are you trying to flush out a third-party bid here? >> i'm not trying to flush out a third party bid in oshkosh. i don't think it's the same thing as netflix. i'm not flushing out of netflix either. i agree with the analyst who said it would be the mother of all auctions. with oshkosh, it's different. i think it's got very poor management. i have said that publically. i talk bluntly. i think -- in fact, it's unusual. in oshkosh today even i got calls from several employees that said i'm right on. i have rarely gotten that. you know, with the letter we did today. it's poor management. i don't think the management understands the divisions they have. they bought jlg as a poison pill, in my opinion. they overpaid. one of our nominees on the board is the gentleman who actually built jlg. so you have a company here. and frankly in this case top management should be let go. that's what should happen. it's not we're saying vote for me. i make a tender offer at 32.5 when the stock was as low as 19 not long ago. hopefull
Nov 23, 2012 11:00pm PST
and throws it down: warriors down 12 baseball palts. two anded flush. it was something es out there. boy, warriors in big time trouble. >> i think it was fortunate to be halftime. they out played us. we had to leave. >> all right, of course match action would never make that one anyway. janell, too much turkey, dressing, stofing, kraen berry sauce with a little built overseas. >> yeah. yeah. we'll let them work that off and then get back into the game. comings up, the late esz app to help with that pounlding headache. stay with us. >>> have a headache? well, there's an app for that. a research team is beings frmed. we learned the people that left skrig eres and the west side help with dereiss. >> call a a humg ripe requirement man streak. >> bow, the first dog, was also on hand. mrs. obama everybody commentings on the wonderful fragrance. it will be set up in the blue room and deck by the volunteers who turn out every year. >>> actually, it's fwlot that back. you would any it's 30 full: >> it's going to be awesome, plenty of sunshine. our seven-day fore >> thavngs, jeff. >> thank you so
Nov 5, 2012 6:00am PST
to the tap, or without their waste flushed immediately away. i think people often forget -- because, you know, water utilities have made it very convenient for people to get water -- how important this is. man: in terms of water supply, wastewater, stormwater development -- these are independent technologies. but what came first, most often, was a water supply system. the basic system is essentially the same as we used back in the 19th century. and in some cases, some of the same pipes. grusheski: philadelphia was the first american city to develop a water system and to take on as a municipal responsibility water delivery to all of its citizens. when william penn laid out the city, he actually chose a spot of land that had a lot of groundwater. however, by 1730, 30,000 people lived within the first seven blocks of philadelphia, next to the delaware river. well, 30,000 people caused filth in the city and polluted their water sources. the groundwater was not potable. and in one year, 1/6 of the population died of yellow fever. now, they didn't know at the time that yellow fever was carried by m
Nov 5, 2012 7:00am PST
levies, to deal with a situation that most people don't even see. it flushed yesterday, it flushed 10 years ago, what's the problem? narrator: atlanta is a rapidly growing urban area. its primary source of drinking water is the chattahoochee river, which also provides water to many downstream communities. but its infrastructure is dangerously old, without outdated facilities and combined sewer overflows polluting the watershed. the city faces strict consent decrees and lawsuits, along with a severe lack of funding. man: when i started working for the city of atlanta in the late '70s, we were approaching that point in time where a lot was going to be needed, in terms of rehabilitation and upkeep. most of the very large pipes were at least 80 years old. we had needs that were identified in the '50s and in the '60s and in the '70s that were deferred. woman: we are urging that we all try to find a way to overcome the obstacles and limitations that might exist. woman: when i was running for office, i met someone who knew mayor hartsfield, who, in the late 1960s, said, "i don't know who the
Oct 31, 2012 9:00pm CDT
toilet cleaning gel prevents limescale buildup and rings with every flush. nice work. now if he'd only put the seat down. [ male announcer ] toilet cleaning gel. [ female announcer ] sc johnson. [ male announcer ] the american garage. the temple of the tune-up. the taj mahal of overhaul. more of them count on autozone parts than ever before. but parts are just part of what we do. our trusted advice and helping-hands approach is everywhere. so whether it's his place... her place... or the pro's place parts are just part of what we do. ♪ get in the zone ♪ autozone. [ cheers and applause ] every parent's proud of their children. as the father of two future nobel prize-winning supermodels, i can relate but some parents go overboard. oh, did you see timmy? he breathed through his nose. he's so smart. well, not everything your kids do is momentous, but that doesn't mean you can't brag about them. you know his handicap? he wears a diaper. he'd yell "fore," but he can't count that high. woman: hi, lacey! there. that's all i want for
Nov 9, 2012 11:00pm EST
. then it's just a joy. to flush out a character and make it better, i couldn't think of one in particular. as long as the writing is good, it's always going to be interesting to do. >> i think the actor has a lot to do with it, too. thanks so much for joining us. here's will thomas now with the news edge at 11:00. >>> the head of the cia brought down by a dark secret. tonight we are learning how the fbi stumbled upon his extramarital affair. thanks for staying with us. i'm will thomas. the resignation of general david petraeus has left a lot of questions about possible security breaches and the future of the benghazi hearings. fox's nicole collins starts our coverage tonight. >> reporter: cia director general david petraeus stepping down admitting he had an extramarital affair. the retired four star general saying in a letter to cia employees, "such behavior is unacceptable both as a husband and as the leader of an organization such as ours." >> he has led america through some very, very difficult times. i think many of us are surprised that these kinds of things happen. >> reporter: th
FOX News
Nov 27, 2012 5:00pm PST
. it causes inflammation inside. particularly when you get old like you, you can't flush it that much. >> hence, eat more whole wheat to keep the flushing going. >> bill: he's more vegetables and fruits because that will flush it out quicker. all right. no labels, none of that? no inspectors? >> there would be inspectors and labels. it just doesn't need to be the federal government ordering it. >> bill: who is going to order it then? >> because the food company wants to sell stuff to you, they wants to sell stuff to you, they want now symbicort significantly improves my lung function, starting within 5 minutes. and that makes a difference in my breathing. today, we're ready for whatever swims our way. ask your doctor about symbicort. i got my first prescription free. or click to learn more. [ male announcer ] if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. >> bill: thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly. is it legal segment, yesterday the supreme court ordered a reopening on some arguments against a portion of the new obamacare law. here now it explain, we
Oct 31, 2012 11:35pm PDT
cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. side effects include headache, flushing, upset stomach, and abnormal vision. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help for an erection lasting more than four hours. stop taking viagra and call your doctor right away if you experience a sudden decrease or loss in vision or hearing. this is the age of taking action. viagra. talk to your doctor. see if america's most prescribed ed treatment is right for you. >> announcer: this special edition of "nightline," the perfect storm, continues with terry moran. >> welcome back to our special coverage of the aftermath of superstorm sandy. i am in toms river, new jersey, on the hard-hit new jersey coastline. we're going to take you now to manhattan, still struggling to recover. sinlt ya mcfadden is at one of new york city's major hospitals where evacuations of the sick are currently under way. cynthia? >> good evening, terry. that's right. well, new york began to wobble back to her feet today. the new york stock exchange opened and some buses are running, but i am standing in front of th
Nov 2, 2012 11:00am PDT
. i think i'm going to have to be there. >> the enthusiasm in your voice. she is flushed right now. >> have a great weekend. >> love him. this is hayden. that's elizabeth. and that's skyler... and his mom, nancy. they're just a few of the californians who took it on themselves to send you a message about what they need to restore years of cuts to their schools. prop thirty-eight. thirty-eight raises billions in new revenue - bypasses sacramento and sends every k through 12 dollar straight to our local schools... every school. for them. for all of us. vote yes on thirty-eight.
Nov 2, 2012 5:30pm PDT
. this water is our survival, until we get water running again, we flush the toilets, we cook, clean and bathe with this water. i'm going to take this to my cousin who lives up the street. >> she has been so incredible to those of us who have received her service. without asking. >> be careful out there. it was not possible for them to open up the hydrant in our building, my building, because they're seniors, and they can't walk three blocks carrying buckets of water. this is ruth, i take care of her. >> okay, you have the potato, the fish. >> she does everything for me. everything. without her, i honestly could not exist. >> but i have to hug the wall when i walk up. >> we survived three blackouts, 9/11, two hurricanes. >> i brought you some water and stuff they were giving away. they're calling me the angel of water, but i don't know why. because these are things i always do when there is a crisis. >> i'll see you tomorrow. >> without asking, she just comes and brings -- she has no limits. >> our thanks to the angel of water, jane rapp, doing what she can to help her neighbors in her own wor
Nov 3, 2012 7:00am PDT
photo flushes out a forgetful lottery winner. it is 7:00 on saturday morning november 3rd. thanks for joining us. election day is just three days away in california. a final pre election survey by the nonpartisan field poll shows obama leading mitt romney. the 15 point gap is considered a big lead. back in september obama had a 24 point lead. experts say romney has managed to improve his standings among a lot of california voters. this last weekend before election day we are expecting a big push from political cam pands. bay area ballot counters have noticed something different this election season. >>> around our district there is probably about at least eight or nine spot corners like this. >> corners where schoolteachers are waging a last minute battle for voters to support proposition 3. hikes they say would stop more education cuts. they are targeting undecided voters. those who would make up their mind in the polling booth. >>> boy if you haven't mailed them by now you are getting really risky about that ballot. >> steve weir has talked to civics groups, about which proposit
Nov 3, 2012 11:00am PDT
on the public. people want to flush their toilets and have things go away and not be bothersome again. we do a lot to try to accomplish that. i'd like to invite you to come back any time you want. once you got this in your blood, you are not going to be able to stay away. the raging waters are fun and when we do digester cleaning i really hope you can come back. that's quite a sight. >> yeah, that sounds interesting. >> i really appreciate you coming by and it was a >> so again good morning everyone. i am ed risk. i am the transportation director in the great city of san francisco and it's my great pleasure and delight to welcome you today to a great celebration. what we're celebrating here is the partnership that many of you that are with us today that have gotten to this point. we are celebrating the fact that we have gotten to this point and the investments that will central sup way will bring to san francisco and what it means for this city and this region. i can't tell you what an honor and privilege it is to serves as the transportation director in this great city. we ordered san
Nov 5, 2012 1:00pm PST
throughout the building for toilet flushing purposes. the treatment cycle is complete and the water is reused again and again. this new building features a rainwater harvesting system. rainwater is captured from the building's roof and the children's play area along the side of the building and sent down to our disinfection room where there is a 25,000 gallon sis tern. the rainwater receives minor treatment and is used to irrigate the building's trees and landscaping. >> when we're resues using water we have on-site, we're not purchasing new water and we're also not putting sewage down into the sewer system which is costs money. this is a demonstration project of 5,000 gallons a day. it is the beginning of understanding and feeling comfortable with this technology that can be scaled up into eco districts and community scale systems, campus-type systems where in those situations when the water is reused and the numbers are much higher, 50,000, 100,000, 200,000 gallons a day, imagine the savings on that that you're getting. you're not purchasing freshwater and you're not using the sewer and bei
Nov 7, 2012 11:00pm PST
a wall of worry, and once we flushed out the positions built into the market ahead of the election we can probably see the market sort of the gradually rebuilding itself as we come closer and closer to the end of the year. >> he says if the divided congress of republicans and democrats can't come to a compromise, the stock market fears could become reality. >> it's not just talk anymore. it's either got to happen or we will go off that cliff. if we do, the fear is that it could be bad enough to trigger another recession. >> another recession is certainly unwanted by all. those from market watch tell me since 1900, whenever there's been a major sell-off after an election issues there's been fourth-quarter gains 74% of the time. that is some good news. j. r. julyan stone, kron4 news. >> big changes out there with cooler temperatures. as we head into tomorrow, rain will return and last into friday. possible thunderstorms out there near the coast. that will continue into friday as well. the tracking, radar shows clouds across the bay area. the storm that will be affecting us is up to the nort
Oct 31, 2012 11:00pm EDT
because we're on well here, just your daily showers and running water and flushing the commodes and that sort of thing that i take for granted. >> some of the crews helping us get back on our feet are going to help new jersey and new york. >>> a man just barely escaped getting hurt when a free crushed through his roof. he was just three steps away when it happened. >> i was walking in the kitchen. i heard a loud crash and snapping sound and looked out through my kitchen to see the rain and the wind and tree running through the middle of my kitchen. >> his kitchen is ruined. he's worried the foundation could be cracked. >>> we may not be dealing with the damage as bad as we were expecting but they are farther north. who is going to help? we are, your neighbor, your co-workers, family, friends. >>> i want to show you the effort going on right now from your home to homes that really need help tonight. >>reporter: it's load them up time in baltimore city. two boats fully stocked will be leaving very jersey in the morning. they will going to the flooded out areas where homes are dest
Nov 20, 2012 4:00am PST
new meaning to flushing your money down the toilet. a new survey about american's mobile shopping habits show that 38 million americans admitted to having shopped online while on the throne. you know who you are. >>> well, it's a weapons system that costs hundreds of millions of dollars to develop. it's been 90% accurate. u.s. taxpayers have contributed $200 million as well. we're going to take you inside israel's iron dome next. you're watching "early today." >>> well, turning back now to that new outbreak of violence between israel and gaza militants. the israelis have a new missile defense system, it's called the iron dome, which is proving to be a highly effective weapons defense system. nbc's martin fletcher reports from southern israel. >> reporter: ground invasion of gaza or truce. the officials say it's 50-50 leaving 3.5 million israelis to the mercy of palestinian rockets. defended by israel's new hero, the iron dome, an antimissile missile system, made in israel helped by american money. of 900 rockets fired at israel in six days, only about 30 hit populated areas. >> we
Nov 20, 2012 2:00am PST
new meaning to flushing your toilet down the toilet. a new survey about americans mobile shopping habits found more than 38 million americans admitted to having shopped online while on the throne. maybe an anonymous survey. >>> bill karins will have your holiday travel forecast. david beckham has a big announcement about his future. you're watching "first look." or that printing in color had to cost a fortune. nobody said an all-in-one had to be bulky. or that you had to print from your desk. at least, nobody said it to us. introducing the business smart inkjet all-in-one series from brother. easy to use. it's the ultimate combination of speed, small size, and low-cost printing. flo: every driver is different. we've got great news for them all. you can try snapshot from progressive before you switch your insurance. [ horn honks ] just plug snapshot into your car, and drive like you -- to see if your good driving could save you up to 30%. so try the way to save that's as unique as you are. now you can test-drive snapshot before you switch. visit today. everything ab
Nov 22, 2012 1:00pm PST
for nothing. my life has been flushed down the drain. i don't care if i get into an accident when i get into that cab anymore. there is no hope. i could not give a damn about it to be honest with you. i have been kicked below the belt, stabbed on the back. mr. nolan, when i was growing up until country i was surrounded by nolans. you have a great name. i babysat nolans, the first girl i ever kissed was a nolna. you have any decency, any irish in you you will restore hope. especially drivers on the list in their fifties and sixties. some of them can't change a lightbulb. our whole life has gone into this thanks a lot. (applause) >> i have two purposes of speaking, want to clarify the details of the half-price medallion offer; the other is to implore the board to extend the offer to 300 rather than 150 applicants. each medallion moves 1.5 to 2 names; about 500 people can be brought into the fold if you allowed 300. your workers are your greatest asset. is consider forgoing the extra revenue you would get from sharing the other 150 medallions with these drivers and not forgo the goodw
Nov 22, 2012 5:00pm PST
that cost $200. it's basic. you can't adjust brew strength and manual says you should flush the machine after each brew. >> an $150, nescafe, it brews a cup in a minute to make expressos and other drinks, as well. be aware, buying a machine is just the beginning. >> the pods can be expensive, up to a dollar a cup. >> they think the convenience is worth it. >> if you want a smaller coffeemaker, they recommend another delonge, it's the piccolo that goes for hundred bucks. >> good to know. >> meteorologist sandhya patel with accu-weather forecast, a little trouble with the voice today. >> i'm feeling better. i'm getting over a cold. my voice. hopefully you can hear me. its spectacular view from high definition camera. couldn't be better. it is gorgeous this thanksgiving. let's show you live doppler 7-hd we do have just a few high clouds moving through but it has been a mild afternoon. temperatures in the low 60s to the mid-70s for the highs in places like salinas. here is what it looks like mid on 50s in places like half moon bay. here are the highlights. cold in the valleys with patchy fo
Nov 22, 2012 11:35pm PST
effects include headache, flushing, upset stomach, and abnormal vision. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help for an erection lasting more than four hours. stop taking viagra and call your doctor right away if you experience a sudden decrease or loss in vision or hearing. this is the age of taking action. viagra. talk to your doctor. aww, not the mall. well, i'll do the shopping... if you do the shipping. shipping's a hassle. i'll go to the mall. hey. hi. you know, holiday shipping's easy with priority mail flat rate boxes from the postal service. if it fits, it ships anywhere in the country for a low flat rate. yea, i know. oh, you're good. good luck! priority mail flat rate boxes. online pricing starts at $5.15. only from the postal service. i'i invest in what i know.r. i turned 65 last week. i'm getting married. planning a life. there are risks, sure. but, there's no reward without it. i want to be prepared for the long haul. i see a world bursting with opportunities. india, china, brazil, ishares, small-caps, large-caps, ishares. industrials. low cost. every dollar
Nov 23, 2012 11:00pm PST
and georgia tech and bears off to a 4-0 start. jason morris trailing and flushing on the three. the steel and he will finish with the dunk. he had a team high 17. alan crab came in with 23 a game. that was part of a 22-6 run. 68-57 cal. they will play in the finals tomorrow. college football and rt clauses in their con -- football and the clauses in their contract. they blew the lead and an unwise decision there. he is rumbling and taking down. it delayed the inevitable. the game winner and 31-28cougs. rush the field time. 25 richer. my buddy is crying, a huge husky fan. this report is brought to you by river rock casino. >> back to harbaugh, there is a method to his madness whether it works for us or not. it is border line brilliance in what he does, and the players rally around him. >> keeps the chiefs and the saints a little off balance and helps on sunday. >> the 1% could be the one play. >> then that's it. that's all he cares about. >> thanks, colin "nightline" is next. i'm larry beil. >> thanks for watching. >> have a good weekend. >>> tonight on "nightline," all hail halo. it is th
FOX News
Nov 24, 2012 11:30am PST
for chest pain; it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. side effects include headache, flushing, upset stomach, and abnormal vision. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help for an erection lasting more than four hours. stop taking viagra and call your doctor right away if you experience a sudden decrease or loss in vision or hearing. this is the age of taking action. viagra. talk to your doctor. >> president obama winning another four years in the white house, delivering his victory speech on election night and thanking his family and his supporters. according to the pew research center he could have also thanked the media for his win. the people of pew found media coverage of president obama was more positive at 29% during the last week of campaigning before election day. coverage of mitt romney on the other hand, mostly negative, 33% that same week. so, should this be a big thank you to the media for his reelection? >> no, i mean, i think he would have lost the election because of their get out the vote things as well. >> you're talking about romney. >> that's
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 574 (some duplicates have been removed)